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What we love to do

We Previously Miracle Solutions and now Trillom have a full-fledged IT consulting and service providing team with a wide range of innovative software services.

Software Development

We have full-fledged IT consulting and services providing team with a wide range of innovative software services RFID security solutions.

Mobile Applications

Trillom is one of the leading mobile application development company for Android, Windows and iOS. We have always provided best in class service in mobile app development

Cloud Solutions

We are a leading provider of pure cloud-based solutions and services for businesses. We are expertise in cloud applications in complex, custom development and integrations.

Digital Solutions

We are introducing India’s first water resistant Security Paper for printing and RFID Technology in Degree Certificates, Consolidated Mark Sheets and Grade Cards.

Pervasive Solutions

Trillom is one of the leading pervasive solutions offering company. We have innovative team and it provide best in class pervasive solutions.

Learning Academy

This has three different verticals and its Organisational Domain Structure as

  • Training/Placement
  • Man Power Consultancy
  • Content Development
  • How we do it

    Our Development Methodology


    Getting User Req.Spec, Software Requirements, SpecFunctional Spec


    Architectural Interface, Estimation, Project Plan, Scheduling, Quality Plan


    Application/ System, Unit Testing, Integration Testing


    Customer Care, Troubleshoot/Support, Enhancement


    Implementation, Post Implementation Test, Quality Assurance Check


    Test Design, System Testing, Validation

    Our References

    What we done so far

    Trillom Technologies has delivered hundreds of high-quality software solutions for a wide range of industries and domains including consumer and business software development

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    50 Happy clients
    100 Completed projects
    40 Products
    20 On Going Projects
    About Us

    Who we are

    We Previously Miracle Solutions and now Trillom have a full-fledged IT consulting and service providing team with a wide range of innovative software services. Keeping in view the expertise acquired over the years in multifarious projects, we are now looking to expand our software division to greater heights. Development centre is connected with various tie-ups across major cities in India through its integrators and advocates a finely matched integration of business people, technology and processes.

    On time projects

    Trillom's Software Division is a complete software solution provider with a powerful management and technical team. We have been in the field of software development for the past 6 years and in the field of Contact less Smart Card Readers for the past 4 years.

    Fully support

    In addition, Trillom takes pride in maintaining a steady flow of external consultants to update / plug-in the deficiencies if any. The executive management team provides the tactical support and excellence required to achieve 100% client satisfaction always.

    Professional experience

    The Management Team is a classic combination of knowledge and experience. Our Industry-certified developers come with the latest technology and skill sets to design and develop software to the utmost satisfaction of our clients.

    Communicative team

    Our Development Centre has vertical expertise on design, manufacture and embedded software development in-house. We are progressing towards higher levels of software development and IT solutions in order to provide a fully integrated solution to our customers.


    Our teams of highly competent developers rely on industry-standard software development practices and rigorously test the applications to ensure defect-free delivery.


    Web Technologies


    Windows Applications


    Design & Architecture



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    Trillom Bionetsoft India Pvt. Ltd.,

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    CHENNAI - 600037.

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